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Bilateral Relations

Republic of Slovenia - Romania


Relations between Slovenia and Romania are positive. The countries share the same foreign policy objectives, the most important of which is membership in the European Union and NATO. Both countries are strongly in favour of stabilising South Eastern Europe and preventing international terrorism. Political dialogue between the two countries takes place continuously at the bilateral level and within various multilateral meetings. A large number of visits are planned for this year, including some at the highest level. President Kucan is set to visit Romania from 9-10 July 2002.

Economic cooperation between the two countries is rather modest but is improving. An important framework for this cooperation is set by CEFTA - both countries are members - and an agreement on cooperation between the Slovenian and Romanian Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

In 2001 trade increased to a total of USD 143.6 million of which USD 58.3 million (index 120) were Slovenian exports and USD 85.3 million (index 147) imports from Romania.

The more significant economic events of last year included the opening of the new business premises of Lek Pharma Tech in Bucharest, the subsidiary company of the Slovenian pharmaceutical company Lek. In October 2001 a regular meeting of the joint Slovenia- Romanian Economic Commission was held in Bucharest. During the meeting an Agreement on Cooperation between the Slovenian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency and the Romanian Foreign Trade Centre was signed. The next meeting of the commission will take place in Slovenia towards the end of 2002.

The two countries have signed a large number of agreements including the Protocol Establishing Diplomatic Relations, the Agreement on Educational, Cultural, Scientific and Sports Cooperation, the Agreement on International Road Transport, the Agreement on Economic Cooperation, the Agreement on the Reciprocal Promotion and Protection of Investments, the Agreement on Romania's Accession to CEFTA, a cooperative programme in the fields of education, culture and science from 1997-2000, the Agreement on Scientific and Technical Cooperation between the Governments of the Republic of Slovenia and Romania, the Agreement on Cooperation in the Fight against Organised Crime, Trafficking in Illicit Drugs, Psychotropic Substances and Precursors, Terrorism and other Serious Crimes and the Agreement on the Return and Readmission of Persons whose Entry or Residence on the Territory of the Other State was Illegal.

The two countries are expected to sign a further four agreements in the near future including the Agreement between the Republic of Slovenia and Romania on the Avoidance of Double Taxation and the Prevention of Income or Property Tax Evasion. The two countries are also planning the conclusion of a programme on cultural cooperation over the period 2002-2005. An agreement will also be shortly concluded on the succession of agreements between the former SFR Yugoslavia and Romania.

The EU Council of Ministers of Justice and Home Affairs concluded that as of 1 January 2002 Romanian citizens would no longer require a visa to enter the European Union. In response to this decision the Slovenian Government decided to abolish visa requirements for Romanian citizens entering the Republic of Slovenia.

Slovenia cooperates with Romania within a wide range of international organisations, the most important being CEFTA which offers a framework for closer economic cooperation, the Vilnius group of candidates for NATO membership, the OSCE, which Romania presided over last year, the Stability Pact and SECI.


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