9th Meeting of Presidents of Central European Countries
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Brdo pri Kranju, 1 June
Heads of State Comment 9th Central European Summit STA (Slovene Press Agency)
The 9th summit of Central European heads of state - which gathered 16 presidents in what is the largest multilateral event ever to be held in Slovenia - has been commented upon by several participants. The summit was hosted by Slovene President Milan Kucan on Friday and Saturday.

Brdo pri Kranju, 1 June
United Europe Should Reach as Far as its Values Reach, Says Kucan at End of Summit STA (Slovene Press Agency)
A united Europe should reach as far as its values reach, Slovene President Milan Kucan stressed at a press conference on Saturday upon the conclusion of a two-day summit of Central European presidents, speaking on behalf of all 16 participating heads of state. According to Kucan, the presidents shared the view that "forces of reconciliation should be strengthened in order for the future not to become a history of new wars", whilst also concluding that a united Europe is their "common destiny". The general view is that the meeting was a success, Kucan added.

Brdo pri Kranju, 31 May
Kucan: A United Europe is Our Common Destiny STA (Slovene Press Agency)
The joint acknowledgment of the sixteen Central Europe presidents at Friday's plenary session at Brdo pri Kranju was that a united Europe is their common destiny, Slovene President Milan Kucan said in his statement for representatives of the Slovene press on Friday. Kucan assessed that today's discussions among the presidents were marked by a very vivacious dialogue, something that is understandable given the fact that the participants of this summit come from countries that are at various stages of European integration.

Brdo pri Kranju, 31 May
Central European Summits Have Not Watered Down, Says Senior Slovene Diplomat STA (Slovene Press Agency)

Brdo Pri Kranju, 31 May
Statement by Presidents Václav Havel and Milan Kucan

Bled, 31 May
Slovak President Donates Equipment to Slovene-Run Demining Fund STA (Slovene Press Agency)

Bled/Brdo pri Kranju, 31 May
Journalists Covering 16-President Summit Have Been Well Taken Care Of STA (Slovene Press Agency)

Ljubljana, 28 May
Slovenia to Prove Its Skills as a Host Again STA (Slovene Press Agency)

Ljubljana, 28 May
Central European Presidents will have to Find New Topics for Their Meetings, Kucan Believes STA (Slovene Press Agency)

Ljubljana, 17 May 2002
Final Preparations for the Reception of Fifteen Heads of State

Ljubljana, 13 May 2002
Advance delegations of participating countries are satisfied withpreparations for the 9th Meeting of the Presidents of Central European States

Ljubljana, 23.04.2002
President Kucan's Proposed Themes for Discussion with Presidents of Central European States