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Bilateral Relations

Republic of Slovenia - Republic of Moldova


Slovenia is very interested in cooperation with Moldova. It is prepared to share its experience and provide advice concerning economic issues, which would contribute significantly to the reform of Moldova's economy. Slovenia is also prepared to inform Moldova about its accession to Euro-Atlantic organisations.

Both countries are interested in signing the already drafted agreements in the field of economy, transport, culture, science, social affairs and customs. The concluded agreements between the two countries include: the agreement on diplomatic relations (27 October 1993), the protocol on cooperation between the two foreign ministries (10 March 1999) and the agreement on international transport of goods and passengers (14 November 2000). The agreement on economic cooperation has been coordinated and initialled.

The volume of trade has been very modest, however, a continuous positive trend has been recorded. In 2001 it totalled USD 7.74 million - a 85% increase on 2000. The positive trend has continued in the first two months of this year. Slovenia's exports of goods to Moldova amounted to approximately USD 6 million representing a 100% increase on 2000 and imports from Moldova totalled USD 1.75 million representing a 50% increase on 2000. Slovenia believes that there is some potential for cooperation between the two countries, especially in pharmaceutical industry and related agriculture. Transport also offers possibilities for cooperation.

The Moldovan consulting company ARIA is important for bilateral relations between Slovenia and Moldova. In cooperation with Holinvest and some other Slovenian companies it develops projects for the promotion of economic cooperation. Slovenian consultants participate in restructuring projects for Moldovan enterprises carried out by ARIA. Through its programmes ARIA provides training for Moldovan managers at home and abroad, including Slovenia. The projects are part of the so-called Marshal Plan for Moldova which is co-financed by the World Bank.

Most bilateral meetings have taken place during multilateral events (the meeting between the Prime Minister Drnovsek and the Moldovan Prime Minister, Mr Sturze, at the Prague Summit of Central European Initiative in November 1999; the meeting between Slovenian President Milan Kucan and Moldovan President Voronin at the Meeting of Central European Presidents in Italy in June 2001). Since Moldova became independent only President Petru Lucinski and foreign minister Nicolae Tabacaru have paid an official visit to Slovenia (March 1999).


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