9th Meeting of Presidents of Central European Countries
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Bilateral Relations

Republic of Slovenia - Republic of Bulgaria


Relations between the two countries are very good, with no outstanding issues, political or otherwise. The countries share the same foreign policy objectives, the most important being membership of the EU and NATO, and are both in favour of stabilising relations in South- Eastern Europe and preventing international terrorism. Political dialogue between the two countries is ongoing - last year the President of the Bulgarian Parliament Jordan Sokolov made an official visit to Slovenia, as did Dr Solomon Passy, Bulgaria's foreign minister.

The level of trade between the countries is low. In 2001 it totalled USD 63.2 million, and was balanced with Slovenian exports worth USD 32.3 million (index 116) and imports from Bulgaria totalling USD 31 million (index 68). Numerous possibilities exist within CEFTA to increase economic cooperation.

Numerous agreements have been made between the two countries: the Agreement on Diplomatic Relations, the Agreement on Educational, Cultural and Scientific Cooperation, the Agreement on Economic Cooperation, the Agreement on Cooperation on Quarantine and Protection of Plants, the Agreement on Cooperation on Veterinary Medicine, the Agreement on Reciprocal Protection and Promotion of Investments, the Agreement on the Return and Readmission of Persons whose Entry into or Residence in the Other State was Illegal, the Agreement on the Accession of Bulgaria to CEFTA, the Agreement on the International Road Transport of Passengers and Goods, the Agreement on Cooperation between the Slovenian and Bulgarian Ministries of Defence, the Agreement on Cooperation in the area of Maritime Freight Transport, the Protocol on Cooperation between the Slovenian and Bulgarian Ministries of Foreign Affairs, the Agreement on Visa Waivers, the Agreement on Combined Transport and the Agreement on the Fight against Organised Crime. A programme on educational, scientific and sporting cooperation has already been carried out.

The signing of agreements on the avoidance of double taxation and on a succession treaty between Bulgaria and the former Yugoslavia is expected. Slovenia and Bulgaria are involved in the air traffic related negotiations that are ongoing between the EU and the EU candidates on an agreement on a common European airspace.

In response to the decision by the EU Council of Ministers (ministers of justice and of internal affairs) that from March 2001 Bulgarian citizens would not require a visa to enter the EU, the Slovenian Government also announced that they do not require them to enter Slovenia either.

Slovenia cooperates with Bulgaria within a range of international organisations. Worthy of particular mention are CEFTA, which provides a framework for economic cooperation, the Vilnius group of candidates to join NATO, OSCE, the Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe and SECI.


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