9th Meeting of Presidents of Central European Countries

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Central European Summit in Slovenia a success


Brdo pri Kranju, 1 June 2002

The Ninth Meeting of the Presidents of Central European States concluded in Brdo pri Kranju on 1 June 2002. On behalf of his guests the President of the Republic, Mr Milan Kucan, summarised the conclusions of the deliberations of the 16 heads of state over the past two days.

The presidents talked about Central Europe as an integrating link in Europe, the achievements of the transformation process in Europe and the future of Europe. The participants agreed that the timing of this meeting was of great importance since key developments are now underway that will have a significant impact on the future. However, the contents and significance of individual decisions indicate that this is also a critical period. Positive evolution has already changed the image of Europe and mitigated its former contradictions. Some issues remain open and require serious answers to avoid endangering the positive results the development achieved to date. The heads of states also pointed out that a slowdown in the European Union and NATO enlargement process would have serious consequences. They were unanimous in their view that the extent of a united Europe should be defined by the extent of its common values, the readiness to adopt and develop the acquis communautaire and a democratic and political culture, and as far as the willingness to be responsible for the development of a globalised world and the positive dimensions of global interdependence extends.

The next meeting will be held in Salzburg where the concept of these summits was originally conceived. The President of Austria Thomas Klestil will host the tenth meeting.


 A group photo before the plenary session
 Photo: BOBO