9th Meeting of Presidents of Central European Countries
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Information on bilateral relations between Slovenia and countries participating in the meeting

Information on bilateral relations between Slovenia and participating countries is listed on your right.

Basic goals of Slovenia's foreign and economic policy

One of the basic goals of Slovenia's foreign policy is stable neighbourly relation with Austria, Italy, Hungary and Croatia. For this reason, Slovenia pays special attention to the position of its two national minorities. Slovenia co-operates with its neighbours within the framework of quadrilateral links; it also works alongside other Central European states within the Central European Initiative (CEI) and contributes to stabilisation of South-East Europe within the Stability Pact.

Slovenia maintains a global trade orientation and is strengthening its economic ties with CEFTA member states, Russia and the former Yugoslav republics in particular, in addition to its strategically most important partners - the EU member states.

Slovenia's trade is mainly with EU states, particularly Germany, Italy, Austria and France. However, its economic relations are widening and alongside an increase in trade with its existing partners, it aims to include new markets within the EU, to re-establish trade links with parts of the former Yugoslav market and to achieve a greater presence in the USA, in some states of the former Soviet Union and among CEFTA members.

At the end of 2000, according to the Bank of Slovenia, direct foreign investments amounted to nearly 3 billion USD (2,808.5 million USD). Most came from Austria, France, Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic, Great Britain, the USA and the Netherlands.


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